Know About Sichuan Province, China

If you want to know about the southwest region of China, you have to know about Sichuan province, one of the major provinces in China. Chengdu is the capital city. In ancient China, Sichuan was the Shu Kingdom. Sichuan has an area of 187,000 miles, and a population of 80,418,200, about 5% of which are Tibetan, Yi, and Qiang minorities. People speak the Sichuan dialect. As of 2010, Sichuan is the 3rd largest province and the 4th most populous province in China.

Sichuan is known for its agriculture. The main agricultural products are rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, and corn. It also produces oranges, lemon, peaches, sugar cane, and silkworm cocoons. All the farmers in Sichuan raise pigs, so the production of pork ranks first in China.   If you get a chance to take a walk in the countryside, you’ll be surprised by the farmer’s hard work.

Sichuan is one of the major light industrial centers, producing electronics, textiles, wine, and machinery. Chengdu, Deyang, Mainyang, Luzhou, Yibin, Nanchong are the main light industrial cities. Panzhihua is a heavy industrial city with steel and minerals. Xichang is the famous for its satellite launch center.

There are a lot of great travel destinations for you to enjoy in Sichuan. If you are interested in Buddhism and like hiking, go to Emei Mountain and the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area. Emei Mountain is famous for its beautiful scenery, and the Leshan Giant Buddha is one of the largest Buddha statues In the world. If you enjoy pure nature, go to  Huanglong and Jiuzaigou. They are such naturally beautiful places! If you want some hiking, go to Dujiangyang Irrigation Project and Qingcheng Mountain. Qingcheng Mountain is famous for its quietness. Sichuan is one of the three provinces in China where the Giant Panda lives. You can see panda in the Chengdu Zoo. But if you are interested in knowing more about the panda, go to Bifeng Gorge Panda Base where there are lots of pandas. If you just stay in and around Chengdu, Wu Hou Memorial Temple can give you some insight of the history of Sichuan( Three Kingdoms).  Jinli Street and Huang Long Xi old town will show you the traditional Sichuan people’s life.

Sichuan cuisine is one of the four great Chinese cuisines. The characteristics of Sichuan cuisine are spicy with chili and black pepper, and fresh because of all the farming products that the farmers bring to the market daily. Like Chongqing, Sichuan is famous for hot pot. Sichuan cuisine also has all kinds of delicious snacks. It is also famous for its varieties of tea houses, from the casual ones by the street to the fancy expensive ones. Nothing can be more relaxing than sitting in a park under bamboo, playing Majiang and drinking tea with some friends.

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