Lion Dance in Houston, Texas, 2013 Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)

This is a video I recorded in Chinatown in Houston on Chinese New Year’s Eve, which was on February 9th this year. My wife and I went to Diho Square, a very popular shopping center in Chinatown,  to buy groceries, have lunch and get a haircut. While getting our hair cut, the Lee’s Golden Dragon Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe showed up outside to perform.

They are a very talented group and put on quite a performance, which you can see in the video. It’s obvious that the members of this group are very dedicated to their craft. I appreciate very much their keeping this ancient Chinese cultural tradition alive for everyone to enjoy. It was fun to see the joy and excitement that it brought to everyone, from the little kids to the elders.

About Lee’s Golden Dragon: Lee’s Golden Dragon is a dance troupe based in Houston, Texas. They were formed in 1974 by Sifu Allen Lee. The about us page of their website tells the story of how the group began and gives information about the makeup of their group today. And they have a links page you might want to check out to learn more about lion and dragon dancing throughout the world.

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